Tim Franks – Mentor

Tim Franks

ITim Franks signed up because I was flattered to be asked – especially in the name of John Schofield.  And because once you’ve ascended a few rungs, you don’t pull the ladder up behind you.

I’ve never before formally been a mentor to a colleague. But it’s always struck me that though the BBC is in some ways wonderfully meritocratic, it can also slip into a default mode where openings appear only at geological pace, and managers appear happy to have their staff quiescent rather than exploited to their full potential.

There’s been precious little commitment so far from me: but that’s a result of my own busy-ness and disorganisation.

It’s been a tremendous pleasure to meet Natalia and chat to her about where she wants to go and how she might get there.  I’m sure she’s smart enough and keen enough to succeed.