Kevin Bishop – Mentor

Kevin Bishop

Kevin BishopI’m in Brussels for a while and am writing this in the bunker of the EU commission where the biggest talking points are less the Franco-German rift, and more the rumour that after this year there will be an end to free food at summits for journos. The restaurant here is a sight to behold.

I’m finding the mentoring process very rewarding. Adam and I chat quite regularly and have met a couple of times. Aside from our journalistic links, football is a common interest so we’re never lost for something to talk about.

It’s been good for me to get to know Adam and get a view of what he wants from his career. It’d be a mistake to rush into scatter-gun advising, but I think the next stage is to think hard how what (and who) I know can help him in making his next move.

Adam has recently started a sports podcast – which is a new area for me so the process is very much a two way street.

Another area of common interest is knees. Adam’s about to have an operation on his and mine – after many years on the road – are rubbish.

I have what a US surgeon once called “micro crud” floating around inside them.

Gravy trains, footie and knees. A promising start.