Dhruti Shah – Mentee

Dhruti ShahI’m a broadcast journalist working in the BBC’s newsroom in London. I’ve spent time at Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra as a trainee, a researcher at Panorama, a writer for the BBC’s website and am now a social media producer focusing on finding people struck by extraordinary events.

A former print journalist, I was taken on as a trainee by the BBC four years ago. I learned about radio production, the ability to write breaking news and investigate wrong-doings. I honed my newsgathering skills and networked like mad. But the industry is constantly changing and jobs in journalism now exist that just – to put it simply – didn’t before.

The competition is just as strong as ever and to stand out from the crowd is a real skill. I felt I needed to focus my energies and learn from someone wiser. I started looking for opportunities and I was lucky that the John Schofield Trust launched their new mentoring scheme when I needed it.

My mentor is Cristina Nicolotti Squires who has been fantastic to me. She’s helped me realise how to achieve a work-life balance without compromising my journalism and has helped me in every way possible.

I love my job; meeting new people and learning different things every day but having a strong support network in place is just as key. It’s great to chat to someone who has been through it all and can help guide you through it.

Since I became a mentee, I’ve also taken on a lot more responsibility at work but have made sure that I continue to enjoy myself at the same time.

The scheme and my relationship with Cristina has pushed me to become a lot more confident – so much so that I’m now going to be helping out with this website.