Emily Purser – Mentee

Emily Purser

Emily PurserWhen people ask what I would be doing if I wasn’t a journalist, and I tell them I never thought of any other options, they tend to look surprised.

It was easy. In how many other professions do you have so many public role models? It may be a difficult industry to crack into, but it isn’t one short on inspiration.

Applying to be a part of the John Schofield Trust was a similar no-brainer.

I have been working in journalism for a few years now – with a couple of years of work experience before that.

Working at Sky News is about as good a start as I could have hoped for; the whole newsroom works hard to show newcomers the ropes, and my time there so far has certainly been a steep learning curve.

The only trouble with a newsroom that moves at warp speed is the lack of time to chew the fat. To think more widely about what I want to achieve – and how to get there.

Applying to be part of the scheme, I was overwhelmed by the experience of the mentors at the John Schofield Trust. I wanted to ask: if you were starting out now, what do you wish you had known?

Predictably the answer isn’t so simple. If only! But having a someone to turn to for advice – particularly one who works for another organisation and can offer a different opinion – has been a real comfort and something I value hugely.

Working in TV news now, I’m no less inspired by a brilliant script or fearless reporting as I was when I was deciding to try my hand at journalism as a teenager. But having the contacts and benefiting from the advice of those great journalists, that’s a real privilege.