Keith Moore – Mentee

Keith MooreI’m currently a feature writer for the BBC’s website. It’s a new role and I’m working on creating original multimedia stories that combine the best of traditional broadcast journalism with the text format more commonly associated with online journalism.

Prior to my current role, I was a BBC journalism trainee. It was a scheme that opened up so many new doors for me and, having previously been a print journalist, really opened my eyes to how many different ways a story can be told.

I applied to the John Schofield Trust because I saw the quality of the mentors available. I have a vision of the journalist I want to become and having someone so experienced and successful offering me guidance seemed invaluable.

Fortunately I was accepted and I feel really lucky to have Ian Pannell as my mentor. He is someone whose work I really admire and having worked alongside him in Washington for a couple of weeks, felt like someone who is down to earth and always ready to help with advice.

The relationship so far has been beyond my expectations. He has been out reporting on huge stories in the most hostile environments in the world, yet he always has time to give me advice and talk through my story ideas. It feels great to have someone so experienced and at the top of their game taking time to help me. It’s a great confidence boost and really will benefit my journalism in the long run.