Andrew Wilson – Mentor

Andrew WilsonWhy did you sign up to be a mentor for the trust?
The notion of apprenticeship seems to be disappearing from newsrooms and staff seem to have less time for those coming up behind them. The John Schofield Trust seemed to be one way of addressing that.

Had you ever done anything like this before?
We have a similar scheme at Sky News.

How much of commitment has it been for you?
Once a month is not too much to ask for a meeting and the rest has been emails and telephone calls.

How have you found the experience so far?
I have enjoyed it of course, but more importantly I’ve learned a lot that I never really gave much thought to before, particularly what it takes to make a career in journalism in 2012. It’s a very different world.

What do you feel that you get out of it?
I hope I’ve been a positive influence on one person’s career. It’s also been instructive to try to do a little more listening to someone else and a little less talking about oneself for a change!