Sian Williams – Mentor

Sian Williams

Sian WilliamsWhy did you sign up to be a mentor for the trust?
I have mentored young journalists for years and was contacted by a Trustee that I have worked with in the past, when they wanted to find mentors for the new scheme. I knew John Schofield as an excellent journalist and broadcaster, he was working on The World Tonight when I was a producer on The World at One and I wanted to do something to help young journalists, in his honour. Anyone in my position should offer as much help to those entering the profession as we can. It’s a competitive environment and can feel isolating. I wish someone had been on the end of a phone, or available for cups of tea, when I started 26 years ago!

Had you ever done anything like this before?
Yes, I have mentored journalists ever since I’ve felt experienced enough to help.

How much of commitment has it been for you?
You need to be available to talk, whenever and wherever your mentee needs help. Sometimes, if they are going through a particularly difficult problem, the commitment can be quite intensive, but this can be discussed between the two parties beforehand.

How have you found the experience so far?
I hope I’ve helped in some way, just by being there to talk things through.

What do you feel that you get out of it?
A reminder that those with experience need to be aware there are those without, who need a helping hand.