Holly Jones – Mentee

Holly Jones and Matthew Amroliwala

Holly Jones and Matthew AmroliwalaFor the past two years, I have been a Broadcast Journalist at the radio station Heart East Anglia in Norwich.

The reason why I applied for the John Schofield Trust mentoring scheme was because, whilst I was very happy in my job, I was a little unsure about how to progress to the next stage in my career – and move towards reporting at a national level in the future.

The scheme has been such a great help to me. I have met with my mentor, Matthew Amroliwala, a few times and we often speak via e-mail or over the phone. I explained to Matthew about my future goals and what I wanted to achieve and we worked together in coming up with a plan on how I could do that.

Since starting the scheme in April I have made a great deal of progress in my career already. I am now starting a new job as a senior broadcast journalist at Heart Thames Valley based in Reading. Speaking to Matthew really helped, as he was able to give me advice based on his experiences and also gave me a confidence boost before I went for the job.

I know that having the support from Matthew has been invaluable to me and I’m really going to make the most of the time I have left on the mentoring scheme. It’s so helpful having that extra encouragement from someone who has lots of experience in the industry. I look forward to what the next six months has to bring and I would highly recommend it to any young journalists interested in applying.