John McAndrew – Mentor

John McAndrew

John McAndrewWhy did you sign up to be a mentor for the trust?

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is making occasional visits to universities or interviewing graduate applicants about working in news. I really liked the idea – or at least the possibility – of someone other than me benefitting from my experience. It’s a real privilege.

Had you ever done anything like this before?

Not formally, I have always followed the careers of former producers and offered advice when asked but this has been ad hoc. I am now a Sky News mentor as well.

How much of commitment has it been for you?

Very manageable – it’s good to make the time.

How have you found the experience so far?

Highly valuable. It’s nice to be able to do something different; to think about someone else’s career and hopefully help them along a little bit. News is a fairly relentless, time-consuming and competitive business so it’s been very rewarding to devote some time to mentoring.

What do you feel that you get out of it?

It’s exciting. Imogen (my mentee) is full of enthusiasm and excitement which is great to witness. She just edited her first programme – and was thrilled; it reminded me of when I did mine. It has been exciting to put myself in the position of someone at the start of their career, to think about where they want to end up, what they should do next etc. It makes a nice change to do that with someone from another organisation who is at a completely different point in their career.