Lucy Manning – Mentor

Lucy Manning

Lucy ManningI signed up because Jonathan Munro my Deputy Editor (at ITN) has been involved with the John Schofield Trust and asked if I would, and it sounded like a great thing to do.

I’ve never done anything like this before but I have had a mentor and I know how valuable that was for me, so I wanted to try and do the same for someone else.

It hasn’t been an enormous commitment in terms of time, its just been difficult to pin down times to meet when you have two people working in a busy news environment with stories breaking. I’m a bit embarrassed at the number of times I’ve had to reschedule because of work.

The experience has been good. I think I hadn’t realised that many of the things I take for granted in the job can be helpful to someone else. And that sharing experiences can help someone else who is now at a stage where I had been before.

It’s actually made me think a bit more about what I do. And occasionally makes me think how privileged we all are to work in this crazy business called news.