Mstyslav Chernov – RTS Young Talent award winner 2015

Mstyslav ChernovMstyslav Chernov is a Ukrainian photojournalist. His photographs are outstanding, with elements of Magnum shining off the screen.

Throughout 2014, Mstyslav documented the events unfolding around him in his own country. He joined the Associated Press in May 2014, originally working as a researcher in eastern Ukraine. His expertise for his homeland and his stunning photographic background helped illustrate the conflict in his own country.

His still photographs soon developed into video footage such as the Hell in Kiev. Mentored by fellow AP cameramen, Mstyslav’s soon began to file regularly for the agency.

Mstyslav’s newsgathering skills take advantage of the very latest technology. He has shown himself to be a successful multi platform operator. His first assignments for AP included filing on his iPhone from the battle taking place around the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash site. He went on to cover the story fully providing AP with comprehensive coverage of the crashed plane.

Caro Kriel, European news director for AP commented, “Through his involvement in some critical stories, Chernov has quickly proved himself to be a rare, multiformat journalist with an uncanny ability to develop a story in the most difficult conditions. He is a natural visual storyteller and his signature trait – compassion for humanity that suffuses almost every image – has ensured that his work has had an immediate impact.”

This was backed up by the RTS judges on awarding him Young Talent of the Year,  “His pictures ‘sizzled’ – with a visual narrative which took you right to the heart of the story.”

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